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    (1): Mangamma Gaari Manavadu
    Banner: Bhargav Arts
    Director: Kodi Ramakrishna
    Producer: S.Gopal Reddy
    Year of the Release: 1984

    This was NBK's first biggest hit movie as a solo hero. Suhaasini paired up with him for this family entertainer. Senior actress Padmasree Bhanumati played an important role called "Mangamma" who was bold and dashing old lady in the village. Introduced as Late sri NTR's son, NBK took almost 4 films to establish himself as an actor who could be a next star in Nandamuri's clan. This film was made based on a Tamil film, set in the village backdrop. "How a good for nothing guy reformed himself into a responsible person in the village" was the basic plot of the film. Kodi Ramakrishna added sufficient ingredients to make the family audience walked straight into theatres. Late Sri KV Mahadevan songs were another asset to the film. This movie created sensation at the box-office and ran for one year. NBK appears as Lord Rama and Krishna in a song. Bhanumati's "Sri Surya Narayana.." song was the best situational song in the film and well shot.

    (2): Anasuyamma Gaari Alludu
    Banner: RamaKrishna studios
    Director: Kodanda Rami Reddy
    Producer: Nandamuri Jayakrishna
    Year of the Release: 1986

    It was his home production that wanted to test the beaten to death subject "a combat between an arrogant aunt and a decent son in law" with NBK. NBK was steadily delivering hits and improving on the other aspects where he was lacking in. To win the mass pulse in a massive way, the team had done enough exercise to project NBK as the future hero to be considered serious at the box-office. This film had a very good run and helped to his career. Oorvasi Sharada was chosen to perform the pompous aunt role while Bhanupriya being her lovable daughter and late sri Jaggayya as her fearful husband. Nutan Prasad and Mamata played side kicks to the hero who had equally lengthy roles, help the hero to take the revenge on his aunt. "Long long ago, long long ago, so long ago.." was the popular comedy skit in this film between Nutan Prasad and his son. Songs of the movie were catchy and tuned by late sri Chakravarthy. The villainy played by another great performer late sri Rao Gopalrao (as a distance relative to Anasooyamma) provided magnificent comedy by sharing the screen with another legend in comedy late sri Allu. This movie ran very well at the box-office and this is the first movie ran 100 days in double theatres in twin cities.

    (3): Seetha Ramula Kalyanam
    Banner: Yuva chitra vaari
    Director: Late Sri Jandhyala
    Producer: K.Murari
    Year of the Release: 1987

    1986-87 was claimed as NBK's year at the box-office. He had delivered 5 consecutive hits in this year. "Desoddharakudu", "Anasooyamma gaari Alludu", "KaliyugaKrishnudu", "Seetharamula kalyanam" and 'Apoorva sahodarulu" were the films kept the cash registers ringing. First two films in the list and this film were good hits and strengthen the box-office stamina of this budding actor. NBK, due to various reasons limited to only mass roles though occasionally done few films directed by semi-commercial directors like K.Viswanath and late sri Jandhyala. Yuva chitra has a good reputation among cine goers as they make movies by subject not by hero. Late sri Jandhyala, did fail once with Balayya to deliver a hit in the form of "Babai-Abbay". He had taken a simple love story and blended with village politics this time. As usual, more of a custom to Yuva chitra, KVM had given terrific numbers to gel with the theme of the movie. "Ralla lo isukallo.." still has the pleasantness.

    (4): Muddula Mamayya
    Banner: Bhargava Arts
    Director: Kodi Ramakrishna
    Producer: S.Gopal Reddy
    Year of the Release: 1989

    This movie was a remake of a Tamil super hit film directed by P.Vasu. There is only one word to express the success of this film "Phenomenal". There were plenty of films in Telugu industry that dealt with brother-sister sentiment. But, only few could leave a great impact. When someone looks at the late NTR's career, "Raktha Sambandham" strikes the chords first in the league of brother-sister sentiment films. Two great all-time performers NTR and Saavithri excelled as brother-sister in this film. There was a talk that people used to cry in theatres when these two characters were separated and cry for each other's love. That was the end-result of that yesteryear's blockbuster. The rightly packed sentiments, emotions and the heroism worked perfect and the film's success was a phenomenal. Kodi Ramakrishna and team might have felt that they could recreate the same magic again with Balayya. Of course, they did it. NBK attained macro mass image with this film. He worked hard for the songs in this film and his dancing moments were the talk of the town that time. This movie dealt with the sister sentiment and NBK, Seetha played the subsequent roles. Music by late sri KVM was a chartbuster. "Mamayya anna pilupu.." song was almost become like a stamp to depict the brother-sister relationship afterwards similarly the song "chandurini minchu" in RakthaSambandham". This film had broken all the existing state and district wise records with the stupendous run and was a land mark in NBK's career. Kodi Ramakrishna, with this film, proved that he was the director who could bring the best out in Balayya in all aspects (in later stages, B.Gopal took over from him. Only this duo had given maximum hits to Balayya in his career). This movie created records at box-office and ran 100 days in 29 (direct) centers and doubled the previous 100 days record(Slab).

    (5): Aditya 369
    Banner: Sridevi Art movies
    Director: Singeetham Srinivasarao
    Producer: Anitha Prasad
    Year of the Release: 1991

    Being branded as "Hero" for the masses, NBK, after some point of time in his career, wanted to give a try with other directors who has potential to present him in different format. He zeroed in on writer-director Singeetam to direct this film. As a specialist of making films inspired by Hollywood movies, "Back to future" had attracted him to make a movie on the similar lines amidst Balayya in the lead. This was a socio-fantasy film, was cleverly adopted and integrated with Sri Krishna Deva Royala's era as the backdrop. NBK had done the role of SKDR with ease. His diction was proper and able to cope up well between "Pouraanika" and "electronic engineer" character. He should be patted back for not keeping his mass image when doing this film. Hero Tarun had done an important role as a child artiste. Maestro Ilayaraja provided music to this film (apparently, it stands as one of the ever best albums in NBK's entire career). "Jaanavu le..", "Raasaleela vela" numbers were instant hit with all categories of music lovers. Tinu Anand had done the scientist role who invents a time machine that could take you back to the era you wished for. Late sri Amreesh puri pulled it off well as the person who wanted to utilize the power of time machine in the wrong sense and take the full control on the world into his hand. This movie was presented by the great singer SP Balasubramanyam. Yesteryear's singer Jikki had sung the song "Janavule" that was a great recall of this renowned singer

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    (6): Rowdy Inspector
    Banner: VijayaLakshmi Art movies
    Director: B.Gopal
    Producer: T.Trivikrama Rao
    Year of the Release: 1992

    VijaLakshmi Arts produced couple of super hit films in the past with NTR. "Justice Chowdary" was a tremendous success in early 80's. Almost a decade after, Trivikiram rao got an opportunity to produce a film with Nandamuri clan. The search went on to finalize the director of this film who could deliver a block buster again for this banner. KRaghavendra Rao who had given memorable hits to this banner was considered initially. But Balakrishna roped his pet director B.Gopal who had already given reasonable hits (Lorry driver) with him to direct this mass flick. B.Gopal known well how masses would react if Balakrishna was properly shown in a 'don't care' attitude role. He exactly engraved the inspector role that cares none while implementing law and order. Balakrishna never done a powerful police office character before. The inspiration to this character could be SP Ranjith Kumar in "Kondaveeti Simham" or inspector in "Ankusam". Balakrishna had portrayed this powerful role with ease as everyone expected. The lengthy power packed dialogues and scenes between him and the villain were well received by one and all in the theaters. This movie was run-away hit and created sensation all over especially in areas where Balakrishna has strong hold. Songs tuned by BappiLahari was a feast to fans and mass music lovers. VijayaSanthi's histrionics were added glamour and enough kick to the front liners.

    (7): Bhairava Dweepam
    Banner: Chandamama Vijaya combines
    Director: Singeetham Srinivasarao
    Producer: B. Viswanatha Reddy
    Year of the Release: 1994

    "Vijaya pictures" is the one having good reputation in even today's generation because of the uncompromised quality movies that they made in early days of Telugu cinema with all the big stars and borne actors. After their reentry into film making in early 90's, exactly gap of 20 years, they had done their first film in the direction of Singeetham Sreenivasarao who had a long standing association with the same banner where he worked as a writer, assistant director for many films. The movie was "Brindavanam" and it was a moderate hit. As their next venture, they thought of bringing back the days of "Jaanapada (folklore)" cinema in 90's to give a fresh look and feel to the younger generation. Who can do better job in industry other than Balakrishna for this sort of roles? Without having too many coffee chats, they zeroed in on Balayya for the lead and Singeetam again for the direction. The film had begun rolling. Most of them in industry bite into the ears that these guys were gone mad and risking their career. But this trio had come out with flying colors and proved the critics wrong with the run away success of the film. Balakrishna lived up to the expectations and kept everyone surprised in the "Kuroopi" character. Music done by Madhavapeddi Suresh had also played an important role in the success of the film. The success of this film filled up more confidence in the makers and immediately done another movie in the same combination "Sreekrishna vijayam" that was a great disaster. But, career wise, Balakrishna might have satisfied for working in these kind of films. Bhairawadweepam is the first film to celebrate its 50 days run in 59 centers (straight) in its first batch release.

    (8): Peddannayya
    Banner: Ramakrishna Harti culture
    Director: Muppalaneni Shiva
    Producer: Nandamuri Clan
    Year of the Release: 1995

    Most of the people say Balakrishna in the elder brother role in this film was simply awesome. The story of an elder brother who was strict, well disciplined in life, could do anything for his brothers, was ditched by nature (after brothers got married). How he reunited the family was the crux of the film? This role was etched by keeping other super hit films "Peda Rayudu" and "Bobbili Brahmanna". Unfortunately, strategy back fired due to loose screen-play. But, Balakrishna had done a pretty decent job in the family head role as per the critics. This film, neither shaken nor toppled at the box-office. Balakrishna tried his best to come up in a different role to satisfy the family audience who are normally not the target audience of his films. But he received accolades from the people for his controlled performance. Peddannayya is the first movie ran 100 days in 6 centers in Guntur and Peddhannayya holds a unique record in Ananthapur. It is the first and ONLY film to run for 50 days with 4 shows in in two theaters---Ramesh and Neelam---at Ananthapur.

    (9): Samara Simha Reddy
    Banner: Sri Satyanarayanamma Productions
    Director: B.Gopal
    Producer: Changala Venkat rao
    Year of the Release: 1999

    When Balakrishna was all time low, desperate to hit back hard, he joined hands again with his most wanted director B.Gopal . The film was shot almost in a low profile. Nobody had any expectations prior to the release as love stories and youth oriented subjects were ruling the roost.

    Since the unit wanted to give a different backdrop to this same old revenge story, they had opted "Royalaseema factions", which was relatively new to the Tollywood that time. Though it was not a risky thing to do, to bring some freshness to the film, they zeroed in on it. It really worked wonders for the film after the release that was almost a shock to the industry. The phenomenal success of the film opened new doors to the commercial films once again and given new lease of life to all top stars who basically do mass oriented films. This film could definitely be considered as a "Trend setter" for the faction based films though "Kadapa Reddemma" and "Anthapuram" were released before it. The kind of impact this film had on the audience was marvelous. The dialogues, blastings, ferocious action scenes, chasings, "Seema" oriented histrionics engrossed the audience to the core. Performance wise, Balakrishna had given his best in the "Samara simham" role. It was a great treat to his fans as they almost seen another roaring performance on the similar lines of what NTR did in the film "Bobbili Puli". This film was one of the biggest hits in the industry and smashed all the existing records and challenged the rivals to break it. Songs composed by Manisarma added another asset; dialogues by Paruchuri, VSR Swamy's photography brought special attraction to the film. Samara Simha reddy created sensation at box-office and ran 200 days in 20+ centers.

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    (10): Narasimha Naidu
    Banner: Venkata Ramana productions
    Director: B.Gopal
    Producer: Medikonda Muralikrishna
    Year of the Release: 2001
    Box-Office Result: Sensational Hit

    There has been a custom in the Tollywood. When a combination greatly worked for the previous film and the same combination is repeated, the likelihood of getting bouncers is more. This has been proved with all time great combinations in Tollywood. And also, there weren't many instances In Tollywood where the combination repeated the same subject and narration with almost same crew and star cast and got another hit that was even bigger than the original. This was just happened to the successful combination Balakrishna and B.Gopal with the film "Narasimha Naidu". There was hardly any difference between the previous block buster and this film except the few twists (mainly family sentiment scenes) in the story. Same subject, same heroism, same backdrop, same narration (flashback), almost same tunes for the songs, same chasings, same blastings, everything was same. One must say that this project was a risky one as audience had just seen the same film in the same combination. But, Balakrishna and B.Gopal, didn't compromise on doing it as they might have thought that it would work again because of the rightly blended ingredients. Really, it worked much much better than their expectations and rewritten the fate of commercial cinema in the new century. All credit should go to this combination. Unfortunately, they didn't live up to the expectations after it by proving that custom will be custom in Tollywood always. There are still hopes in the industry that this combination might pull it off again when time comes. One has to wait and see when it comes. Narasimha naidu is one of the all time industry hit in Tollywood along with Samara Simha reddy and it was the first movie ran 100 days in 100+ theatres and this movie ran 275 days with 4 shows in Eluru Ambica.

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    top ten kadu unnave aa 10 anukunta asala

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    evarayna bala krishna ki velli cheppara idhi 2010 kooda ochesthundhi ani... papam balayya inka 2001 loney unnadu...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mass_samrat View Post
    top ten kadu unnave aa 10 anukunta asala
    evadikynaa anne untaayi le..anthaku minchi undavu


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